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The PDCI Market Access team is the only consulting firm in Canada with core competencies in both pricing and reimbursement. Over the years, PDCI has grown to a staff of over twenty, comprised of bilingual senior and junior consultants, analysts and administrative staff. In recent years, PDCI has extended its geographical reach and presence in Canada by expanding to the Greater Toronto Area and Montreal. This expansion has allowed PDCI to facilitate the needs of its Toronto and Montreal clients, while still maintaining operations from its Ottawa headquarters. PDCI offers significant experience and knowledge in pricing and reimbursement, market access, specialty products, rare diseases, clinical summaries, health economics, public/private payers, HTA agencies, PMPRB, and virtually all therapeutic classes and types of therapies. PDCI is a fully bilingual (English/French) consultancy.

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PDCI Market Access Staff

Abunassar, Courtney Associate Director, Market Access and Policy Research Toronto
Adebayo, Waleed Research Assistant, Data Innovations & Insights Ottawa
Ali, Samantha Market Access Associate
Associée, Accès au marché
Belanger, Jean-François Contracts Manager Ottawa
Burt, Melissa Manager, HTA and Clinical Evaluation Montreal
Farrell, Keeley Analyst, HTA and Clinical Evaluation Ottawa
Fleming, Mark Strategic Advisor Pickering
Gosain, Sheena Manager, HTA and Health Economics Ottawa
Haig, Jennifer Associate Director, HTA and Health Economics Toronto
Henricks, Paul Associate Director, Data Innovation & Insights Toronto
Kirby, Julia HTA and Health Economic Associate Ottawa
Koa, Helena Manager, Market Access Ottawa
Lamb-Palmer, Dylan Manager, Pricing and Data Analytics Ottawa
Lamb-Palmer, Hannah Office Manager Ottawa
Lau, Andrea Associate Director, HTA and Clinical Evaluation Ottawa
Lawrence, Donna Director, HTA and Health Economics Toronto
Mathews, Jennifer Pricing Data Associate Ottawa
Morse, Nicole Associate, HTA and Clinical Evaluation Ottawa
Palmer, W. Neil Senior Strategic Adviser & President Emeritus Ottawa
Proulx, Kaitlyn Managing Director
Directrice Générale
Robinson, Kimberly Director of Pricing and Market Access Toronto
Salazar, Ara Director, Market Access Ottawa
Shen, Julia Associate, Policy & Health Economic Research Ottawa
Villeneuve, Aniko Analyst, Market Access Ottawa

Strategic Partners

BresMed Strategic Partner
Goeree Consulting Ltd Strategic Partner