Dylan Lamb-Palmer

Dylan Lamb-Palmer
Manager, Pricing and Data Analytics

Dylan Lamb-Palmer - Manager, Pricing and Data Analytics

MSc, Biotechnology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
BSc, Genetics, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

(613) 742-8225, Ext. 37         

Dylan Lamb-Palmer is a Manager of Pricing and Data Analytics at PDCI. Dylan joined PDCI full time in 2013 after several years as a summer student with PDCI.

Working with the PDCI’s Health Economics (HE) team and HE partners, Dylan develops health economic models (cost-utility, cost-effectiveness, and cost-consequence) and HE reports for submission to Canadian HTA agencies (CADTH CDR & pCODR, INESSS). The HE analyses use rigorous quantitative techniques (e.g., Markov modelling, network meta-analysis, Monte Carlo simulations) to assess the cost effectiveness of new drug products in their particular therapeutic context. The HE models may be prepared in the first instance for the Canadian market or by adapting a core HE model created for another market (often the UK) to the Canadian market.

Dylan leads the development of budget impact analysis (BIA) models for submission to public (federal / provincial) and private payers – these interactive Excel-based models are often the basis for negotiation product listing agreements with the pCPA and provincial drug plans.

Dylan is PDCI’s expert in assessing compliance with PMPRB’s CPI guideline and application of the “DIP” methodology. Dylan’s analytical skills have been instrumental in assessing historical sales and pricing data of patented medicines and identifying opportunities under the PMPRB guidelines for demonstrating price compliance and mitigating excess revenues. Dylan has led several training sessions for pharmaceutical clients on application of the PMPRB CPI Guidelines and “DIP” methodology.

Dylan leads PDCI’s drug claims analysis projects. PDCI maintains drug benefit claims databases for both public and private payers in Canada. These analyses are often important components of BIA and HE modelling as well as market share and longitudinal product switching projects.