John-Paul Dowson

John-Paul Dowson - Director, Strategic Consulting

BA in Political Science from St. Jerome’s University (at Waterloo)
Executive Certificate in Marketing Management from the Schulich School of Business

John-Paul brings more than 25 years of experience working in the health and pharmaceutical sectors. Prior to joining PDCI, John-Paul was the Founder and Managing Director of Roubaix Strategies Inc.(RSI), where he built two negotiation development programs: Effective Negotiation Skills (directed to the pharmaceutical industry) and Negotiation Skills for Advocacy Professionals (directed to patient and disease organizations). Prior to launching RSI, he spent the better part of a decade in market access leadership roles, negotiating drug reimbursement agreements for innovative pharmaceuticals in Canada. John-Paul’s experience and knowledge in market access and negotiation strategy covers an extensive scope therapeutic and business areas, including strategic insights on how to obtain and maintain product reimbursement in both public and private markets.

John-Paul has led successful reimbursement strategies and negotiated funding agreements for conventional and specialty care products across Canada. He has worked with companies on successful negotiation strategies for the reimbursement of more than 20 drug products (Drugs for Rare Diseases, Oncology and Biomarker Testing, Cardiovascular and Diabetes, Neuroscience, and Consumer Healthcare).

At PDCI, John-Paul leads Strategic Consulting across the business focusing on the development and implementation of market access and negotiation strategies for the reimbursement of pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics in Canada. He oversees the PDCI Pricing and Policy Teams, providing clients with strategic insights and foresights into Canadian pricing strategies for pharmaceuticals and public policies affecting the broader life sciences sector.

A sought-after speaker, strategist, and thought leader, John-Paul brings a keen understanding of the inter-relationships between Canada’s public and private drug markets, and the emerging reimbursement pathways for negotiated agreements.
Prior to his career in the pharmaceutical industry, John-Paul worked for several years with two major health professional associations in Ontario. This work included the successful negotiation of the first-ever agreement with the Ontario Government for compensation of pharmacies delivering influenza immunization clinics. He also spent several years working as an advisor in Federal and Ontario governments.

John-Paul holds a BA in Political Science from St. Jerome’s University (at Waterloo), and an Executive Certificate in Marketing Management from the Schulich School of Business. He is an active member of the Canadian Association for Healthcare Reimbursement, and BioteCanada (BTC), serving on the latter’s Health Advisory Board and Orphan Drug Working Group.