Jennifer Mathews

Jennifer Mathews - Manager, Pricing Data

Advertising and Marketing Communications Management – Advanced, Algonquin College

Jennifer prepares semi-annual foreign price filings for PMPRB reporting periods for pharmaceutical manufacturers patented medicines. This task includes:

  • Sourcing international prices for the seven PMPRB reference countries from the approved PMPRB primary sources (and secondary sources if/when necessary)
  • Applying the relevant PMPRB authorized adjustment factors and verification formulae to remove markups, fees and taxes to ensure that the prices filed on Block-5 are at the ex-factory level as required by the Patented Medicines Regulations
  • Comparing foreign current prices to previous period prices to verify accuracy, identify and resolve any data inconsistencies
  • Assessing compliance with PMPRB’s international price guideline by converting foreign prices to $CAD using the appropriate PMPRB 36-month exchange rate averages, comparing the highest international price (HIP) of each product with the Canadian list price reported and identifying potential compliance issues
  • Populating PMPRB Form 2 Block 5 (“Block 5”) consistent with PMPRB’s electronic reporting requirements
  • Addressing any routine clarification questions and providing any necessary documentation that may be requested by PMPRB