Hussein El-Khechen

Hussein El-Khechen - Associate, HTA and Clinical Evaluation

M.Sc., Health Research Methodology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
B.Sc., Life Sciences, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

Hussein’s role involves conducting research for and supporting the preparation of clinical components of market access assessments and reimbursement submissions.

Prior to joining PDCI, Hussein completed a Master of Science in Health Research Methodology at McMaster University and a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences at the University of Toronto. During his Masters, he led and assisted the development of systematic reviews and meta-analyses in various clinical areas, worked as a teaching assistant, and completed a thesis project on pilot studies in HIV literature. He was also a reviewer for the BMC Pilot and Feasibility Studies Journal, where his role included providing feedback on the methodology, statistical analysis and interpretation of submissions covering a diverse range of clinical areas. He is passionate about research methodology and applying high-quality evidence to improve healthcare decision making.