Mark down June 26th, 2019 in your calendars. It is now widely expected the patented medicines price regulations will be in Canada Gazette Part II (CGII), volume 151 No.13, which will be released on June 26th. Draft PMPRB Guidelines for consultation will likely be published immediately following CGII publication. Comments earlier this week from Federal Health Minister Petitpas-Taylor, appeared to confirm these expectations. When asked in an interview surrounding when changes to the ... Read More


On June 6th, 2019, Dr. Eric Hoskins, Chair of the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare, along with Mr. Vincent Dumez, Member of the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare announced the Advisory Council’s final recommendations and released the final report. One key issue to bear ... Read More


Article by PDCI Market Access featured in TELUS Health Insights Magazine Members of the PDCI Team recently published an article and case study highlighting the risks to Canadian drug launches posed by Health Canada’s proposed Patented Medicines Prices Review Board (PMPRB) price regulatory reforms. This article, which appears in the Spring ... Read More


CADTH’s Pharmaceutical Review Updates are used to communicate new CDR and pCODR drug review processes updates to the public. PDCI has outlined below the key highlights from the most recent update. For more information on this review, please consult the CADTH’s website. There are seven important announcements from CADTH: ... Read More


Each month the pCPA issues an update on the previous month’s negotiation activity. In Table 1 below you will find an overview of the new pCPA activity along with PDCI insights into recent developments for your interest. PDCI Target Insights (since last pCPA ... Read More


PDCI is very pleased to welcome Julia Shen to the PDCI Team as Associate, Corporate Marketing and Policy Research, effective April 23, 2019! Ms. Shen’s addition to the team reflects PDCI’s focus on continued growth with our current and new clients and our objective to expand services responding to the ... Read More


We are very pleased to announce that Helena Koa has joined PDCI as Manager, Market Access, effective today, April 1, 2019! Helena brings a wealth of knowledge and multi-disciplinary insights to PDCI: new product development, pricing and reimbursement, clinical research, health economics, and budget impact analyses. Helena’s experience spans over ... Read More


PDCI is very excited to announce the promotion of Jennifer Haig to the position of Associate Director, HTA and Health Economics. This promotion is effective immediately. Jen has been with PDCI for 18 months, and in that time has ... Read More


PDCI is excited to announce and welcome Kimberly Robinson as the newest member of the PDCI team. Kimberly will be joining as the Director of Pricing and Market Access effective April 1, 2019 and will be responsible for the leadership of PDCI’s Pricing/PMPRB team. She will be based in the ... Read More


Bill Morneau released his fourth Federal Budget in the House of Commons at 4pm today. Year in Review: In 2018, the federal budget established an independent Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare. Over the past year, the Advisory Council, lead by Dr. Eric Hoskins, released a discussion paper in ... Read More