Sharing Responses

Sharing Responses to Health Canada’s Patented Medicines Regulations Consultation

The process to amend the Patented Medicines Regulations is well underway in Canada. These amendments are anticipated to significantly change the way patented medicine prices are regulated in Canada. As part of the process, Health Canada has held two consultations seeking stakeholder feedback on its proposed amendments. To facilitate transparency during this time of unprecedented change, PDCI is hosting this page where stakeholders are invited to share their consultation submissions with one another and the public.

If you or your organization responded to Health Canada’s consultations on the Patented Medicines Regulations and are interested to share your response with the public and stakeholder community, please contact PDCI’s Managing Director, Kaitlyn Proulx at or (613) 742-8225 ext. 33. Please attach PDF version(s) of your English and/or French submissions and indicate your permission for PDCI to share on this landing page. If your submission contains confidential or proprietary information but you are still interested to share your comments, you may send a PDF copy with confidential information redacted, or you can be added to the list of “Other Stakeholders that Shared Confidential Comments with Health Canada”.

Please be advised:

  • The views and opinions expressed in the consultation submissions on this page are solely those of the author and DO NOT represent those of PDCI Market Access.
  • This page is intended to be a repository of submissions for the purpose of information sharing. It is not intended to promote or lobby on behalf of any specific stakeholder, individual, group or interest.
  • PDCI has accepted no funds whatsoever to support this initiative.
  • PDCI is welcoming submissions from ALL individuals, stakeholders, groups, etc. who made submissions as part of Health Canada’s Consultation of Proposed Amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations, however this repository is not comprehensive. PDCI is making efforts to reach all stakeholder communities who may have submitted to make them aware of this repository and to provide information on how to be included, if desired. PDCI will continue to post new submissions as they are received.
  • PDCI is unable to verify the identity of stakeholders who made submissions, nor the content of those submissions. In hosting this website, PDCI therefore assumes that those who have provided PDCI their submissions for inclusion in this repository have done so in good faith and have provided PDCI with the submission identical to that which they provided to Health Canada for purposes of the consultation.
  • To the best of PDCI’s knowledge, all submissions have been prepared independently and/or authors of submissions have appropriately disclosed any conflicts of interest within their submissions.
  • PDCI cannot be held responsible for the content of any submissions including but not limited to any inaccurate information.