Podcast Episode 2

A private payer perspective on pharmacare and other drug policy problems

The second episode of Between the Lines focuses on the potential impacts of implementing a national pharmacare program on private drug insurers.

Chris Bonnett, Principal Consultant at H3 Consulting, shares his perspective on this issue. Chris established H3 Consulting in 1999, after 18 years of progressive experience in underwriting, reinsuring, selling, and marketing employee benefits. Chris is an accomplished speaker, appearing at more than 100 conferences across Canada and in the US. He enjoys engaging opinion leaders as clients, collaborators, and research participants. Chris’ consulting and academic interests focus on improving health in the workplace and ensuring all Canadians have adequate prescription drug insurance.

Chris can be contacted at cgbonnett@gmail.com

Please join our host Brittany Humphries as we read Between the Lines of this critically important policy discussion.

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