Reimbursement Strategy

Although the effectiveness of our services is contingent on the clinical evidence supporting a product’s submission, PDCI’s team will develop effective HTA/PLA strategies aimed at maximizing the potential of commercial success. We have five main service offerings outlined below that can be tailored to meet individual client needs.

HTA/PLA Planning Strategy

Offer strategic advice to clients throughout the product life cycle to anticipate and effectively address the opportunities and challenges associated with the HTA review/recommendation and the subsequent PLA negotiations.

PLA Proposal Consultation

Identify options for PLA approach/components and their feasibility, develop material to support a proposal (e.g. deck, speaking points, general approach, etc.), assist in the development of a negotiation strategy/mandate, sensitize corporate head office to the PLA environment in the Canadian market, and provide general advice throughout the pCPA process.

PLA Revitalization Strategy

Provide strategic and tactical solutions to assist clients in addressing challenges in stalled and/or complex PLA negotiations.

Private Payer PLA Strategy

Drawing upon significant public payer PLA experience and research from policy whitepapers, provide strategic insights to clients on potential options/tactics to successfully negotiate a PLA with private payers/PBMs.

PLA Seminars

Conduct in-house/webinar training seminars and negotiation simulations aimed at sensitizing clients on best practices and payer expectations to effectively prepare them for their PLA experience with payers.

Please Contact any of the directors listed below if you have any questions regarding the services listed above. In the event that you have a specific project in mind, we suggest you provide a detailed mandate of your PLA/HTA Strategy requirements to ensure that PDCI has a clear expectation of your service needs.

For more information, please contact:
Courtney Abunassar