Market Access Toolkit

PDCI’s Market Access Toolkit includes INSIGHTS online journal and the PDCI Census of Insurers. The Toolkit has been a critical resource to the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. First developed by Applied Management, PDCI acquired the Toolkit from Telus Health in early 2020. The Toolkit enhances PDCI’s existing suite of Canadian focused pricing and reimbursement services with essential private health insurance insights and analytics.

Census of Insurers

The PDCI Census of Insurers is a unique resource for Private Payer teams seeking data on private covered lives by insurer across Canada to:

  • Model how public listings can affect private coverage and access
  • Plan and forecast private coverage for product portfolios
  • Test time to listing scenarios for products
  • Educate and inform sales teams about regional differences in coverage and access
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Our mission for INSIGHTS is to provide thought leadership through analysis and informed opinion to support our clients in maintaining a strong understanding of private trends to gain optimal access in the private market.

The private market pays for four out of every ten dollars spent on prescription drugs by Canadians; they list drugs earlier and list more drugs than their public sector counterparts. It’s a concentrated, regional market with a few dominant players. Because it is difficult for clients to stay current, we dedicate resources to provide that analytical support.

With our acquisition of the Market Access Toolkit, we expanded our private market services offerings. We will continue modernizing, rebuilding and enhancing our private data tools, including INSIGHTS journal, to identify and share opportunities and track progress for industry.

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Other Private Market Focused Services

Product Coverage Analysis

The Market Access Toolkit and the extensive data supporting the Census of Insurers enables PDCI to provide detailed product coverage analyses including:

  • Coverage insights for specific DIN / Brand
  • Summary of private and public coverage
  • National and Provincial breakdowns
    • By insurer with regional breakdowns
    • By private plan types (open, managed, government formularies)
  • Product specific assessments incorporating disease epidemiology and insured population demographics.
  • Private vs public split estimates

Custom Private Market Claims Analysis

PDCI maintains a longitudinal private drug claims database representing approximately 1.5 million Canadian lives. The data extends from 2012 to our most recent available period. The data enables detailed longitudinal data analysis for

  • Average patient dose and dosing patterns
  • Retention and compliance
  • Assessment of concomitant medications
  • Patient switching and line-of-therapy analysis