PDCI is pleased to inform you of the launch of its podcast series, Between the Lines. Between the Lines invites thought leaders and industry experts to share their insights about the trends and controversies that are shaping the pharmaceutical policy ... Read More


Following the publication of the PMPRB Draft Guidelines on Nov 21, 2019, PDCI undertook an analysis to critically assess the impact of the PMPRB regulatory changes published in August 2019, as proposed to be implemented in the Draft Guidelines. Top-Line Summary The PMPRB regulatory changes and Draft ... Read More


Pricing changes for Canada’s patented medicines are on their way and stakeholders are anticipating the release of the updated guidelines. How will the guidelines be operationalized? How will the new pharmacoeconomic factors be implemented? In an effort to answer these questions, PDCI has attempted to reverse-engineer the proposed Pharmacoeconomic Value ... Read More


PDCI presented a case study on the proposed amendments to the PMPRB regulations in Canada at the 2019 CAPT Conference held by the Canadian Association for Population Therapeutics. The objective of this policy analysis was to estimate the impact of the proposed PMPRB amendments on orphan drug prices. Review our poster ... Read More




Article by PDCI Market Access featured in TELUS Health Insights Magazine Members of the PDCI Team recently published an article and case study highlighting the risks to Canadian drug launches posed by Health Canada’s proposed Patented Medicines Prices Review Board (PMPRB) price regulatory reforms. This article, which appears in the Spring ... Read More


Private health plans in Canada continue to implement many changes in their design and use of technology aimed at balancing the containment of health expenditures with the improvement of health and wellness. Yet what may be lost in any focus on cost-containment initiatives, is the opportunity for better management of ... Read More


In December 2017, the Governor-in-Council published in Canada Gazette Part 1 the most comprehensive changes affecting patented medicines since Bill C-91 was passed by the Government of Canada more than 25 years ago. These regulatory changes proposed by Health Canada are anticipated to have significant detrimental effects for Canadians and ... Read More


The release of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) Annual Report is delayed once again this year - so much for transparency and the PMPRB’s mission statement to “provide stakeholders with price, cost, and utilization information to help them make timely and knowledgeable drug pricing, purchasing, and reimbursement ... Read More


Owing to new developments and growing stakeholder interest, PDCI and H3 have now completed a second private payer PLA survey. In total, 30 complete responses were received from 25 individual pharmaceutical companies and five different private payer representatives.  With more respondents this year from manufacturers and representation from private payers, ... Read More