The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) recently announced that they will be launching a new website by the end of September. Features of the new website include: A new look Enhanced functionality and accessibility A scalable, mobile-friendly format The PMPRB stresses that the content of the website will remain the same and further information ... Read More


Yesterday, thePMPRB released its Annual Reportfor the year ending December 31, 2013. The Annual Report is an extensive document that reviews all of the PMPRB´s major activities, analyses of the prices of patented medicines and of the price trends of all drugs, and reports on the R&D expenditures as reported by ... Read More


Included in this edition are: New Board Member Appointed (Carolyn Kobernick) Staffing Changes Sylvie Dupont’s retirement Guillaume Couillard joins the PMPRB (new Director of the Board Secretariat, Communications and Strategic Planning) Appointments: Tanya Potashnik (Director of the Policy and Economic Analysis Branch) Elena Lungu (Manager of the National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System (NPDUIS)) Decisions in Cases: ratio-Salbutamol, ... Read More


The Federal Government had not tabled the PMPRB 2013 Annual Report when Parliament rose on June 20th, 2014 although the report would have been submitted by the PMPRB to the Minister of Health in May 2014. There are two summer adjournment tabling dates (July 16th and August 20th) when the ... Read More


The Attorney General of Canada is appealing the May 27 decisions of Justice O’Reilly which concluded that generics firms marketing generic products (even under a licencing agreement from the patent holder) are not patentees for purposes of PMPRB price regulation so long as there is no monopoly (market exclusivity). See ... Read More


The Federal Court (Justice O’Reilly) issued decisions May 27 in two similar cases (Sandoz 2014 FC 501 and Ratiopharm 2014 FC 502) and concluded that generics firms that market generic products (even under a licencing agreement from the patent holder) are not patentees for purposes of PMPRB price regulation so ... Read More


Invitation to attend PMPRB Outreach sessions Board Staff will be conducting training sessions regarding the online tool for the filing of the Form 2 information starting for the upcoming January to June 2014 filing. The sessions will be given as follows: Montreal: Wednesday June 11, 2014 from 1:00 p.m. to ... Read More


Note worthy news featured in this edition include: Anna Chodos and Beatrice Mullington retire Final requirements for HDAP submissions Online Filing of Form 2 - Project Update CPI-Based Price-Adjustment Factors for 2015 The Hearing Panel approved a VCU in the Teva Canada Innovation G.P-S.E.N.C. and the medicine Copaxone matter New Publication - NPDUIS Research ... Read More


Statistic Canada has released the final Consumer Price Index (CPI) figure for 2013 with full year annual inflation as measured by CPI increasing by 0.9% over 2012. For PMPRB price compliance, this is important for two reasons. First, this is the second year running ... Read More