The British Columbia PharmaCare (BC PharmaCare) is modernizing the Reference Drug Program (RDP). Effective immediately, transitional coverage is in place to allow affected patients to switch drugs, if needed, to retain full PharmaCare coverage. During transition, PharmaCare will cover all Modernized RDP fully covered drugs and all original RDP fully ... Read More


The BC Ministry of Health recently wrote to manufacturers to communicate updates to its drug review process and reimbursement submission requirements. Updates to the Drug Review Process include: The Drug Benefit Council (DBC) will now screen drug submissions under review by CDR to determine if a full DBC review is necessary. If ... Read More


Last week the Government of British Columbia introduced Bill 35, the Pharmaceutical Services Act, to provide supporting legislation for the province’s $1 billion PharmaCare program. This Act will protect the program by law, whereas the program currently relies on government policy. The Act also outlines the framework within which the ... Read More