Donna Lawrence

Donna Lawrence
Director, HTA and Health Economics

Donna Lawrence - Director, HTA and Health Economics

MSc, Pharmacology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
BSc, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Donna Lawrence is the Director, HTA and Health Economics at PDCI. Donna is responsible for leading PDCI’s Health Technology Assessment group, comprised of graduate level health economists and medical writers. Donna has spent about 2 decades in health economic (HE) consulting, and draws on that extensive experience with HE analysis and dissemination in numerous indications to help provide assistance and strategic guidance to clients. Donna oversees the building and adapting of budget impact and pharmacoeconomic models and reports, and works closely and collaboratively with clients to help them strategically navigate through the ever-changing Canadian reimbursement landscape. Donna also facilitates our partnerships with Canadian Expert Health Economists, and with UK-based BresMed ( on projects as needed.

Prior to joining PDCI in 2013, Donna was a Senior Project Leader at OptumInsight where she gained experience managing Canadian and international health economic submissions, including submissions to CDR and pCODR.