Strategic Assessments and Pricing & Reimbursement Roadmaps
PDCI develops effective P&R strategies and market access roadmaps to help manufacturers successfully navigate the challenging Canadian environment. These strategic assessments incorporate the key elements necessary to optimize pricing and achieve timely and comprehensive market access. Our roadmaps provide guidance on the implications of drug plan policies, specific drug plans for submissions, their submission requirements, and submission timing.

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Kaitlyn Proulx

Payer Submissions
PDCI helps manufacturers demonstrate clinical and economic value to payers by communicating the value proposition of new technologies within the framework of the CDR/pCODR/INESSS and payer reimbursement review processes. We develop formulary submissions that clearly convey the unique product characteristics that are important in the Canadian market access environment.

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Kaitlyn Proulx

Health Economics
PDCI helps manufacturers develop and adapt health economic models consistent with the CADTH Guidelines for the Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies. We have experience developing cost-utility analyses, cost-consequence analyses, and other HE models and reports for submission to CDR, pCODR, INESSS and the Private Payer. Our health economists have developed and adapted HE models across a range of indications, including oncology. We also leverage our relationships with Canadian Health Economists, and our partnership with BresMed as needed for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) services (e.g. systematic reviews, evidence synthesis, economic modelling).

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Donna Lawrence

Payer Advisory Boards
Our payer advisory boards offer drug manufacturers the opportunity to receive honest and constructive feedback from experienced ex-payers on the clinical evidence and value proposition of a new drug. We customize our advisory boards to the needs of the manufacturer including planning, organizing, recruiting, arranging travel and accommodations, facilitating, and reporting.

For more information, please contact:
Courtney Abunassar or Kaitlyn Proulx

Reimbursement Strategy
PDCI offers a range of services related to reimbursement strategy including health technology assessment (HTA) and product listing agreements (PLAs). PDCI’s team of senior consultants have considerable experience in helping manufacturers successfully navigate the challenging market access landscape – including the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA). PDCI’s strategic advice draws upon substantial experience working with PLA negotiations and knowledge gained through the development of numerous policy white papers on PLA related topics. Find out more →

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Kaitlyn Proulx

PMPRB Pricing Assessments, Submissions & Negotiations
PDCI develops strategic pricing assessments and submissions to the PMPRB’s Human Drug Advisory Panel and conducts negotiations to assist manufacturers attain optimal prices and resolve excessive pricing cases. Clients benefit from our experience with hundreds of PMPRB projects, securing millions in sales revenues each year. We also perform Block 5 work for more than half of the DINs reported to the PMPRB, leveraged extensively by our comprehensive International Pharmaceutical Prices Database.

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Kaitlyn Proulx or Nancy Paul Roc

CDR / INESSS / PMPRB Dossier Review
Our experts can provide a critical appraisal of all components of CDR/INESSS/PMPRB dossiers prepared by manufacturers or by outside consultants. These critical reviews help avoid market access delays in Canada by identifying important information gaps in clinical and economic evidence, thus eliminating irrelevant argumentation and assisting in the positioning of new treatments within the Canadian context.

For more information, please contact:
Kaitlyn Proulx

Budget Impact Analyses
PDCI has developed budget impact models for a multitude of drug products that have been submitted to the provincial and private payers in Canada. These BIAs are developed in accordance with established guidelines and have been well received by clients and HTA bodies.

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Donna Lawrence

Payer Research / Engagement
Our payer research projects feature primary research interviews with current and former payers across Canada as well as desk research and PDCI’s extensive internal resources and databases. We engage our long standing relationships with payers and HTA agencies to help organize and facilitate pre-submission meetings with CDR and payers, as well as post-submission meetings with INESSS for a successful market access strategy.

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Courtney Abunassar

Training and Workshops
PDCI offers customized training seminars, workshops, and presentations on all aspects of our service offerings. These sessions are available On-site or In-house and can be arranged throughout the year, tailored to the clients specific needs or provided on a general basis.

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Kaitlyn Proulx


Canadian Drug Claims Database
The Canadian Drug Claims Database is available online and contains detailed drug claims and cost data from the year 2000 and onward for provincial and federal drug benefit plans. PDCI also maintains a private payer database containing detailed patient-level claims data. This data allows for detailed analysis of switching, concomitant use, longitudinal studies, as well as for preparing reports customized to client needs and requests on an ad-hoc basis.

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Therapeutic Areas

Over its 20 year history, PDCI has accumulated market access expertise concerning products in virtually all therapeutic areas. Recent experience has included but is not limited to providing clients with solutions and strategies that optimize market access in the below key therapeutic areas.


Congenital / Genetic Disorders


Dependency / Addiction

Autoimmune Diseases


Cardiovascular / Cardiology




Hormonal Deficiencies

Infectious Diseases

Intestinal / Bowel Disorders

Liver Diseases / Hepatology

Nausea and Vomiting


Neurological Disorders



Psychiatry / Mental Illness

Pain Management

Pulmonary / Respiratory