Waleed Adebayo

Waleed Adebayo
Pricing Data Research Assistant

Waleed Adebayo - Pricing Data Research Assistant

(613) 742-8225 ext. 46    

Waleed Adebayo is an Assistant, Pricing Data Researcher at PDCI. Waleed is part of the Pricing team and his role will be to aid in the preparation of semi-annual foreign price fillings for PMPRB reporting periods for pharmaceutical manufacturers patented medicines.

Waleed brings his experience of working in the public sector through his University program, where he worked at Statistics Canada. At Statistics Canada, he performed QA on the execution of the quarterly field crops survey, and he aided in the creation of a methodological way to perform a single-phase sample survey for all the annual economic surveys throughout Canada. He has also worked at the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris France where he seasonally adjusted respected OECD countries’ business demography data.

Waleed has completed a Bachelor in Economics at Carleton University and is due to compete a Bachelor in Statistics (April 2020) from Carleton University.